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The first tier of the Master Peace Sudan program is the Peace Maker program. The Peace Maker program will provide education in conflict styles, conflict coaching and problem solving strategies such as mediation, conflict resolution, and community dialogue strategies. The second tier initiatives will introduce peace building by exploring economic partnerships, community garden projects, emergency medical training (such as EMT and CPR training) and teacher education. The Master Peace community center will be used to celebrate community peace building projects through the arts, sports and cultural activities, and the South Sudan Story Project as well. The third tier of the Master Peace International is the Master Peace Ambassador project which will provide opportunities for students and community members to share their successes, their peace building skills, their emergency medical training and their education and agricultural projects with regional and global communities through presentations, film, and training/education programs.

Tier I- The Peace Maker Program includes:

conflict resolution and transformation training, conflict coaching, mediation skill building and an introduction to dialogue methods as well as classroom/community meetings using the Master Peace book.

Tier II- The Peace Builder Program includes:
education and exploration of projects that increase economic and environmental sustainability, enhance community health, and enhance inter-tribal communication and understanding.

Tier II will include the South Sudan Story Project which involves gathering stories and engaging community members in the peace building strategies known as Envisioning and Appreciative Inquiry dialogue and the WE3 (the Women’s Empowerment, Education & Equality) dialogue project Envisioning and Appreciative Inquiry techniques will be employed to help community members work together to increase understanding between tribes, empower women and create a vision and goals for a peaceful, strong, and prosperous future for South Sudan. Following the envisioning process, community members will work together across tribal lines and with their international partners to create plans moving them toward shared goals.

 Tier III- Peace Ambassador Project includes:
establishing opportunities for community members to share their strategies for successful peacemaking and peace building projects (from tier I & II) as well as their stories with the wider community.

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